Free tickets to RAW Canberra - limited number and first in best dressed!

Hello all,
My name is Sarah and I live in Wagga with my wife Caroline and kids Beth and Madeleine.  I have met some of you but we find the distance to Canberra a bit of a pain and so are not as engaged with AGA as we’d like to be.

I am also a jeweller and am lucky enough to have been invited to attend RAW Canberra’s final event of the year, “Current”, which will take place next Wednesday November 12 at the University Pub on London Cct.  RAW is an international organisation run by and for independent artists.  There will be around 30 artists at “Current” including musicians, fashion designers, visual artists, photographers and at least one jeweller.  

Part of the deal for me to participate has been to sell 20 tickets which, for a mid week event form a town 250km’s away has been a problem!  The solution I hit upon was to do some crowd funding where, for the price of two tickets, I will make the donator a simple ring.  This is proving successful and I have now raised the money to cover some of my costs.  

This means (and this is where you may come in) there will be a number of tickets on the night with no one attached to them, which would be a shame!  So, there is now the opportunity for AGA members to nominate themselves to take up these spots.  Numbers are not yet firm but will be limited, so first in best dressed!  Please let Sam know if you want to attend.  Travel will be the responsibility of attendees.

If you want to buy tickets and learn some more about this event, go here:

WHERE: The Uni Pub, London Cct
WHEN: 7 till midnight
DEADLINES: Ticket sales close at midnight this Sunday.  Final numbers for free tickets will be announced on Monday.  Remember places are limited so get in early!
WHAT TO WEAR: dress code is listed as cocktail, so get your glad rags on!

I will have some of my recent work on sale as well as an exhibition of a series of pendants entitled “The Closet”.  This is an artistic body of work that tells the story of being put into, living within an coming out of the closet.  You can see more at my blog:

My current work and other things can be seen here:
Hope to see you next week!