Gay News Network: High Court Recognises Third Gender

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Executive Director of A Gender Agenda (AGA), Samuel Rutherford, said the High Court’s decision recognising that “transgender” and “intersex” were not appropriate categories was a relief for gender diverse and intersex people.

AGA’s submission to the court represented a broader group of people affected by this case, whose needs and interests may not have otherwise been raised in the arguments put before the Court.

“This a fantastic decision for gender diverse and intersex people, who simply want to be recognised for who they are. The High Court has also recognised it would be inappropriate for a third category to be labelled “intersex, which means they understood that intersex people often identify as male or female," said Rutherford.

The ACT recently passed a law recognising a gender category other than male or female, NSW will now be the only other state to recognise a third option.

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