Norrie Case Comes Before High Court

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A Gender Agenda is intervening in the case to represent the broader group of gender diverse and intersex people as the outcome of the case will have precedent and affect the intersex and transgender community.

"We support Norrie's quest for recognition but many other people, in difference circumstances to Norrie, will also be impacted by this decision and we wanted to ensure their voices are heard," said Samuel Rutherford, Executive Director of AGA told SX.

“There is a risk, for example, that intersex people could be automatically assigned to a third category of sex, which would have the potential to further marginalise and stigmatise already vulnerable people,” added Rutherford.

“There is generally a high level of misinformation and misunderstanding about these issues and we hope that the information we put before the Court is useful in clarifying terminology and the interests of gender diverse and intersex people,” Rutherford said.

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