Unique training opportunity for mental health professionals in the ACT

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

We are very happy to announce that after several months of conversations with our funding body we have obtained approval for a significant amount of funding to train mental health professionals in the ACT.
Dr Elizabeth Riley (from Sydney) is a national expert in working with gender diverse and intersex clients, and especially with gender diverse young people.  Our funding body has approved bringing her to Canberra for multiple training sessions with members of our counsellor network, as well as mental health workers from ACT Health, Medicare Local and the ACT Department of Education.
Years of dedicated and skilled lobbying have resulted in the ACT being (by far) the most friendly Australian jurisdiction to gender diverse and intersex people in terms of its legislation.  But there has still been a very clear need for medical services and especially mental health services.  
This is a huge win and will again make the ACT a national leader in its positive inclusion of our community.  We can say from experience (and feedback from training that we have recently run for Karralika Drug and Alcohol Programs, the ACT Forensic Mental Health Unit, Relationships Australia ACT and the Mental Health Professionals’ Network coordinated by Headspace ACT) that there is a groundswell of support and interest in working in this area.
Our funding body has stipulated certain requirements for participation in the training (such as having a tertiary mental health qualification and being a member of a professional association), but if you or someone you know may meet those requirements and be interested in participating please contact samuelrutherford@genderrights.org.au for further information and to be added to our Counsellor Network.