Employment Opportunity

Monday, 4 July 2016

A Gender Agenda is currently recruiting a Policy, Education and Training Manager. This is a 30 hour a week position, with a three-year contract. Application close Monday July 18th.

AGA believes that one of the key ways to bring about change is via policy reform, education and training. This exciting new senior role provides an opportunity to use your highly developed policy and training skills, creative flair and leadership capacity to develop the policy, education and training arm of AGA.

There is increasing demand to provide evidence based, professionally delivered education, training and advice tailored to a range of mainstream and specialist organisations across the government, education, community and private sector. AGA has a strong record and high level of credibility in delivering professional training, and there is an opportunity to shape and enhance the current education and training that AGA delivers. In addition, AGA is uniquely placed in providing policy advice, community education and awareness programs on the issues facing the intersex, transgender and gender diverse community in a manner that is directly linked to our community’s experience.

For more information, please see the job description available on Ethical Jobs and/or contact AGA Executive Director, Tania Phillips, at tania.phillips@genderrights.org.au or at 0478 632 953