Being True to Ourselves: A collection of short films exploring the infinite possibilities of gender

These award winning short films are intended for educational and personal use.(Mental Health Services Award 2013, Mental Health Week Award 2013, Australian and NewZealand Mental Health Service Achievement Award 2013: Gold) 

The DVD is for sale from A Gender Agenda please email for price and delivery.

A Gender Agenda's approval is required for any use of the stories which has not been anticipated, or on a scale that may substantially increase the impact on the privacy of the person whose story it is (such as media broadcasting)

These films cannot be reproduced for commercial purposes or be screened for profit.

A Gender Agenda asks that you respect the personal nature of these films, and show them in a manner that allows the viewer to appreciate the sensitivity of the material. if you have any doubts about how to ensure this, A Gender Agenda is able to provide assistance.

A Gender Agenda also asks that you are sensitive to the issues these films may raise for viewers, and ensure that A Gender Agenda's support contact emails are always displayed when these films are viewed.

A Gender Agenda welcomes feedback from anyone who uses and views this DVD.

To view the individual films click on the green squares underneath the image