Partners, Parents and Family Information

AGA recognises the important role that parents, partners and family play in the wellbeing of transgender, gender questioning or intersex people and they are specifically welcomed as part of our community.

We provide a safe and supportive workshop day for parents, partners and family to share their experiences, whatever they may be.

For more information contact A Gender Agenda:  or  (02) 6162 1924


Information for Parents

Is my child gender diverse?

Some parents are aware that their child is gender non-conforming from a very young age. Others may only discover this when their child is older and chooses to talk about the way they really feel.

How do I know if my child is transsexual or transgender?

Some, but not all, people who identify as gender diverse may be transsexual or transgender. Sometimes your child will be clear about this when they first talk to you about the issues. For others, it may take time before they can even answer this question themselves.

How am I meant to respond?

The way parents respond to their gender non-conforming children is as varied as the ways a child may identify. Some parents feel supportive and happy that their child is able to be clear about who they are. Other parents feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, nervous or afraid. For many parents, initial reactions like these are part of a path to acceptance and understanding of their child.

Being supportive, rather than assigning blame has a profoundly positive impact on how our children feel about themselves.

Research shows that parental acceptance and support is essential in building positive self esteem and better mental health. 

Taking the opportunity to connect and talk with other people in similar circumstances is almost always beneficial to both parents and their children in these situations.

AGA provides events and support groups for parents, partners, family and allies. Contact  (02) 6162 1924 

We also have a youth group (under 25's) who are a friendly, supportive and a thriving community within the AGA community for trans*. gender questioning and intersex youth. They have regular activities throughout the year ranging from informative Q&A sessions to Laser tag to picnics and bike rides.

A useful website for parents: here you can find information, resources and support related to having a Transgender child.