AGA House

A Gender Agenda opened the doors of its first physical premises in January 2011. It was an exciting day for the community. So many people turned up to help us move in. There was something tangibly different on that day from any other day that we had grouped together... something about being in our own space that made a significent difference. The importance of having a space of our own is captured in the words that were spoken by Peter Hyndal when the premises were officially opened on 6th May 2011 by Ms Katy Gallagher who was then the Deputy Chief Minister of the ACT.

We operated from these premises until September 2012 when we acquired a lease through ACT Housing on our current premises in Ainslie. AGA House serves both as our office and a safe place for members of our community to meet and socialise at events such as workshops, discussion groups, community dinners and our regular Wednesday drop in.