Training and Community Education

A Gender Agenda is actively engaged in increasing public awareness and understanding of intersex and gender diversity issues.


Our training service provides a range of training sessions for government departments and agencies, health and community service providers and employers. We can deliver a standard introductory two hour training session, or work with your service to develop sessions targetted specifically to enhance your organisation's service delivery.

Our introductory training package consists of an interactive three hour session which aims to strengthen the capacity of individuals and organisations to understand, identify and respond appropriately to gender identity issues as they relate to current and prospective clients/employees.

We also offer half day or full day workshops which are developed in consultation with an individual service. Here sessions are specifically targeted at that organisation’s focus area. These workshops allow time for participants to work collaboratively and strategically to develop relevant policies and procedures to ensure that they are operating within a best practice model. A Gender Agenda also works collaboratively to develop customised training packages that are  responsive to the particular needs of an organisation.

Transgender and intersex people are among the most marginalised, socially isolated and discriminated against individuals in Australia - often overlooked even within "LGBTI Diversity Training". There are very few organisations who currently have the capacity to work effectively with intersex and gender diverse communities and individuals. These training packages are an Australian first, available nationally, they are the beginning of significant change for this most disregarded population. Your service can be at the forefront of change, by developing a best practice workplace that is inclusive and respectful of gender diversity.

Our training service receives no government funding which means we need to charge for this service. You can download our training flyer (including fee schedule) at the bottom of this page. You can also contact us on 6162 1924 or email our training team directly to discuss our training services in more detail.

Community Education

A Gender Agenda is often asked to provide speakers for conferences, lectures or other events. Feedback from our participation at such events is always very positive. We receive no government funding for this service and ask that you consider making a donation for our participation. If you're thinking about getting us to speak at your event, please contact us on (02) 6162 1924 or email our training team directly to discuss your ideas.

Reviewing Resources and Providing Policy Advice

A Gender Agenda is often asked to provide expert advice around intersex, trans and gender diversity issues. This includes assisting with project design, developing strategies for engaging our community and providing feedback on draft resources and policy documents. Again, due to a lack of government funding and the high demand for our expertise in this area, we usually charge for this service. If you're thinking our feedback would be helpful, it's always best to chat to us in the very early stages. That way, we can give you an idea of what cost might be involved, ensure that we are able to meet your deadlines, and help get the project planning right from the very start. If you'd like to discuss these services in more detail, contact us on (02) 6162 1924 or send us an email.