Meet the Board - A Gender Agenda

Meet the Board

Jake Blight – Chair

Jake has been involved with AGA on and off since its inception. He has been chair of the AGA board since 2015.  In that time AGA has grown considerably, secured long-term funding, moved to new premises and expanded services to members.  Jake has also been involved in a number of other Canberra community organisations including the Meridian Club (way back in the 1990s) and the AIDS Action Council.  Jake is a lawyer and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Isabel Mudford – Deputy Chair

Isabel has been involved with a AGA for 7 years as a volunteer, member, and employee. She is a PhD candidate in the Research School of Social Sciences at the Australian National University and interested in the relationship between feminism and gender diversity. Isabel works part-time for the AIDS Action Council as a Community Engagement Officer and is a member of the ACT Ministerial Advisory Council for LGBTIQ Affairs.

Rachel Lee – Secretary

Rachel is a transfeminine public servant, working for an Australian Government agency. Her pronouns are She/Her and They/Them. She is openly transgender, and actively working to enact positive change for LGBTIQA+ people. Rachel is a member of her department’s Pride Network Committee, working to promote a safe and inclusive workplace through policy review, advocacy, community visibility, connection and networking, and support.

Scott Malcolm – Treasurer

Scott joined the Board of AGA in November of 2018.  As a financial planner, educator and small business owner Scott enjoys strategic thinking and helping to empower people and organisations around the money stuff.  Scott is passionate about capacity building and advocacy in the LQBTIQ communities in Canberra and has served on the boards of the AIDS Action Council of the ACT and Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT as well as being a past member of the ACT Government LGBTIQ Ministerial Advisory Council.

Simon Rosenberg

Simon has had a long career in the Canberra community sector, and worked on social policy at all levels of government, including sexual health, youth services, homelessness and mental health. He was CEO of Northside Community Service from 2011-16. Simon joined the AGA Board in 2019, and brings a passion for social justice and strong experience on governance. He has a trans daughter.

Harry Mahony

Harry Mahony has been a member of AGA for five years. He has worked in the community sector and the public sector in the learning and development space. He actively encourages workplaces to be safe spaces, where people can bring their whole selves to work. Harry is writing his memoir on transitioning. In 2020, Harry gave a TEDxCanberra talk on ‘How we can create Gender Diverse Societies’.

Anne-Marie Conde

Anne-Marie is a Canberra public servant and mother of two sons, one of whom is trans. She has been involved with AGA since 2017, and is keenly interested in advocating for the parents of trans children.

Sara Quinn

Sara is a Clinical Psychologist, lecturer, small business owner, and AGA ally. She is passionate about educating early career psychologists to be informed advocates and professional allies of the intersex, trans, and gender diverse people in our community. Sara joined the AGA board in November 2020 and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and Board Director of the Australian Psychological Society.

Majka McLean-Engstrom

Majka has been a part of the AGA community since 2014, first as a Board Member and then as a staff member. Majka co-founded Encampment, a camp for LGBTIQ+ young people with a mental health early intervention slant. Majka is also the loving owner of two rescue cats, Jasper and Maeve, who like to eat non-cat foods such as chickpeas, lentils and tofu.

Shane Vincent

Shane is new to the AGA Board this year. His pronouns are he/his. He is openly transgender and has talked at CHN events to medical staff and practitioners about his lived experiences as a transgender man. He is a member of the Canberra Inclusive Partnership Service User Reference Group, and he is currently working on a project in hopes that sharing his experiences will offer some clarity and support to the gender diverse community.