Consent in Healthcare: Professional development

For Professionals

Despite the fact that healthcare and social services exist to empower and assist vulnerable people, the power dynamics inherent in these systems can often exacerbate feelings of vulnerability and helplessness in patients and clients seeking help.

Consent in Healthcare is a workshop designed with healthcare practitioners and social service professionals in mind, and dives into how consent is understood, communicated and maintained. We will interrogate the consent-seeking mechanisms and structures through which we can unintentionally disempower the people who we are trying to help, and learn how we can transform the relationship between service providers and clients/patients into one that better puts them in charge of theirlives.

“I am delighted to highly recommend this training to anybody who wants to ensure they are recognizing the importance and significance of consent within their work. Both Helena and Greg are outstanding presenters who provide a wealth of knowledge and experience in applying the wheel of consent model.”

Participant testimonial, 30 July 2018.

This workshop is a joint project between the AIDS Action Council and AGA. It will be presented by Greg McGuirk (AIDS Action Council) and Helena Willson (AGA). Greg and Helena are fun and engaging facilitators who are passionate about the subject of consent and self determination. Together they will bring this workshop to life with practical exercises and lively conversation as the group moves towards a better understanding of the role we all have to play in promoting the agency of the people we seek to help.

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11th of October, 9:30am to 12pm