TGDI+ Autonomous Swimming Day! - A Gender Agenda

TGDI+ Autonomous Swimming Day!

Special Events

This summer we are hosting an autonomous swimming pool event for our transgender, gender diverse, and intersex community and our allies! Come enjoy swimming, sunshine, and hanging out with community at the Canberra Olympic Pool with A Gender Agenda!

We’ll be hosting a BBQ from 2-3pm in the outdoor picnic area, with sausages, vege sausages, onion, gluten free and gluten bread, tomato and BBQ sauce, and drinks available. This BBQ is collecting gold coin donations to go towards Encampment 2023! A LGBTIQA+ camp for young people aged 13-17 years!

You can register for all events here; events are regularly published a fortnight before their date (drop in is published a week before) – this is to ensure that every member has a fair chance to register. If this event is not up on our Eventbrite please check again with that time in mind.