Trans Masc Lunch - A Gender Agenda

Trans Masc Lunch

Special Events

This is a casual lunch for folk; a safe place to chat, discuss, create, and learn from each other. Not just for trans masc/fem identifying folk, but anyone who would like to come and would get something out of this affirming space. This group is self led by community, with two staff onboard to support the event.

Trans Masc Lunch was organised after our trans masc members identified that there was a missing space for trans masc and masc folk to meet and discuss focused topics and facilitate focused workshops and activities. These ‘focused’ topics included; gender affirmation and gender affirming items for trans masc folk, a place for trans masc folk to discuss transitioning socially, legally, and medically, young trans masc folk having a space to meet older trans masc folk, and a place to support each other.

 events are regularly published a fortnight before their date (drop in is published a week before) – this is to ensure that every member has a fair chance to register. If this event is not up on our Eventbrite please check again with that time in mind.