Workshop: Trauma Informed Transgender and Gender Diverse Affirmative care

For Professionals

Dragan Wright is a non-binary transgender man, psychotherapist, facilitator and public speaker who works extensively in the fields of Gender Diversity, Complex Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care and Practice. Dragan currently works in private practice, facilitates his own workshops and also facilitates programs for the Blue Knot Foundation. Previously he has worked for the Mental Health Coordinating Council NSW, the Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies and the Centre for Community Welfare Training.

This professional development day goes beyond ‘standard’ LGBTIQ diversity training and will build the knowledge and skills for staff to work competently and confidently with the rising numbers of Transgender and Gender Diverse (TGD) people accessing services. The workshop will explore the intersectionality of complex trauma, discrimination, and minority stress to develop understanding on how these factors impact the health of TGD people and ways to offer comprehensive support.

Participants will gain a practical and inclusive framework for implementing trauma-informed principles and best practice guidelines when working with transgender and gender diverse populations in order to align policies and procedures with existing legislation.

Who should attend?

This workshop is specifically designed for those who work in service provision and healthcare as well as those already working with trans and gender diverse people, within a service provision context.

Earlybird $265- Early bird finishes on January 18
Full Price $385-
Concession $315-

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply an understanding of the intersectionality of complex trauma, discrimination and minority stress and the impact on health to work effectively TGD people accessing your service
  • Work effectively in promoting ‘trauma-informed’ and ‘gender affirmative care’ principles to an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach when working with TGD people
  • Acquire knowledge and skills to develop a practical inclusive framework for implementing gender affirmative change in your organisation based on best practice and current legislation
  • Acquire confidence in the use of current language and definitions in the evolving landscape of language pertaining to TGD people

This workshop is aligned with adult learning principles and includes experiential learning, a multimedia presentation and case studies.

It will run from 9.00 – 4.30

There will be two 15 minute breaks at 10.30 and 3.00 and a lunch break at 12.30 of 30-45 minutes depending on the needs of the group.