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Become a Member

At AGA, we strive to maintain a meaningful and warm relationship with our vibrant and diverse community at all times.

Becoming a member of AGA can strengthen your connection with our organisation and will ensure that our aims and objectives continue to be guided by the community. As a member of AGA, you will receive:

●      Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting
●      Ability to stand for election to AGA’s Board
●      Invitations to all our fun and exciting events and activities
●      Information about upcoming workshops and educational trainings
●      Updates on the work of AGA


Membership Fee

We ask for a nominal financial contribution from our members in the form of a $5 membership fee to be paid annually. Membership fees contribute to funding the important services we provide to intersex, trans and gender diverse people in our community. As a fee-paying member you will have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting, giving you the opportunity to contribute to the future direction of the organisation and to ensure AGA continues to reflect the priorities of our community. If you are experiencing financials stress, please contact AGA and we can waive the membership fee.


Membership Form

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