Gender Diversity 101

Do non binary people really exist?

Ultimately yes. There’s a growing number of people acknowledging a commonality of experiences that are to be taken seriously. While the way non-binary gender is currently understood and described is perhaps more recent, there are significant historical and cultural precedents for non-binary gender all over the world.

What's the difference between non-binary and androgynous?

Non-binary is a term that refers to any gender identity that isn’t male or female. Androgynous refers to an outward appearance of indeterminate gender. While some non-binary people may express themselves androgynously, it is a personal choice that is not a requirement of non-binary gender identity.

How come some non-binary people look feminine or masculine, and some binary people look androgynous?

Androgyny is a term of outward appearance and is not necessarily indicative of someone’s gender identity. It only describes that they don’t look specifically masculine or feminine, not that they are male, female, or non-binary. If you’re not sure whether or not someone is non-binary, it’s best just to ask.

What is a Chest Binder?

A chest binder is an elasticised undershirt, similar to a sports bra, that is designed to reduce the appearance of breasts. They come in a huge variety of colours and styles, and are specifically designed to evenly distribute the pressure on the chest. It’s important to always use a binder instead of something like bandages or tape, which can cause significant injury, or even permanent harm.