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Training & Education

A Gender Agenda (AGA)  is actively engaged in increasing public awareness and understanding of intersex, trans and gender diversity issues. We do this by offering up to date consulting, training and education.

AGA’s consulting, training and education programs are based on the foremost research as well as the lived experiences of the communities we represent. As such, our training services offer current understandings and appreciation of the issues that are faced by the intersex, trans and gender communities.

As an organisation grounded in the lived experience of our members in the trans, intersex and gender diverse communities we are uniquely qualified to offer expertise and well informed training in this area. We have been working in the intersex, trans and gender diverse space for over 10 years and are an already trusted provider of support, advocacy and training services by Government departments and community organisations.

Our staff members have a diversity of skills, knowledge  and lived experience. AGA staff all work closely with  intersex, trans and gender diverse people on a day to day level in policy and advocacy areas and community engagement. AGA training has been built on a participatory community based model which is interactive and engaging while utilising the latest research and best practice.

People who identify as intersex, trans and gender diverse often experience barriers to accessing necessary services due to discrimination or harassment based on their gender identity and gender expression. All of our training and education programs form part of our efforts to challenge systemic transphobia and to foster environments that are inclusive of gender identity and gender expression. Developing a best practice workplace that is inclusive and respectful of gender diversity will ensure your service and organisation will be at the forefront of positive change.

Our workshops and resources explore the experiences and challenges faced by intersex, trans and gender diverse people as well as supporting organisations and individuals to develop approaches which foster inclusive environments.

AGA offers 101 Training which is a standard introductory and also delivers Advanced Workshops on intersex, trans and gender diversity. These trainings offer participants knowledge and skills for working with trans, intersex and gender diverse people, covering  a wide range of issues from: psycho-social health factors, attitudes and values, cultural diversity, myths and issues and personal perspectives faced by intersex, trans and gender diverse people. AGA  also works with services to develop sessions targeted specifically to enhance organisation’s service delivery.

Download a copy of our training schedule here. Links to sign up to trainings can be found on our events page, where events are listed on a rolling basis.

Community Education

A Gender Agenda (AGA)  provides programs that promote learning and social development with individuals and groups in their communities using a range of formal and informal methods. AGA strives for community welfare and for the betterment of humanity.

AGA  is often asked to provide speakers for conferences, lectures, panels and other events. Feedback from our participation at such events is always very positive. If you’re thinking about getting us to speak at your event, please contact us on (02) 6162 1924 or email us for more information.

Reviewing Resources and Providing Policy Advice

A Gender Agenda (AGA)  provides comprehensive  guidance and advice with intersex, trans and gender diversity issues. This includes assisting with project design, developing strategies for engaging our community and providing feedback on draft resources and policy documents. Due to the high demand for our expertise in this area, we usually charge for this service. If you  think AGA  can support your organisation with reviewing resources and policy advice, please contact us.  We will be able to  give you an idea of the cost, ensure that we can meet your deadlines, and provide planning right from the start. If you would like to discuss these services in more detail, please contact us on (02) 6162 1924 or send us an email.