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In true Agony Aunt style, we welcome you to submit your anonymous queeries and questions for our wonderful peer navigators to answer! This advice column is for all transgender, gender diverse, and intersex community members and our allies; friends, family, partners, and allies are welcome to submit a question or queery!

What questions can you ask?

You are welcome to ask anything* to do with being a part of or supporting transgender, gender diverse, and/or intersex communities. Our peer navigators are community workers with lived experience, working to support and advocate for our communities.

We can answer questions about:

  • Social, legal, or medical affirmation.
  • How you can support or advocate for our communities.
  • How we’re feeling about certain changes in the community.
  • And more!

Your queeries can be as specific – “My friend has just come out as trans and is now using they/them pronouns. I am really struggling to remember their right pronouns, do you have any tips for me” or as general¬† – “how can I support intersex people in my workplace?” as you want!

*Any questions that are explicit, derogatory, or harmful will be ignored and will not be answered. 


Once a fortnight our peer navigators will choose a question to answer and post on A Gender Agenda’s social media. You can keep a lookout on our Facebook and Instagram for your question!


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