Understanding Intersex: A 101 Training For Everyone - A Gender Agenda

Understanding Intersex: A 101 Training For Everyone

Two Hour Workshop

Intersex people are 1.7% of the population who are born with sex characteristics that are different to how we typically understand men and women. They are a diverse population, with unique needs and challenges that are quite different to the rest of the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately this has meant intersex is commonly ignored or misunderstood in LGBTIQ frameworks.

Join Cody Smith, AGA’s Intersex Project Worker, for a deep dive into intersex issues and advocacy. With a focus on lived experience and more meaningful allyship, this training is a strong first step to understanding a complex and vulnerable population. A must for any organization or individual looking to build LGBTIQ competency.

For pricing and availability please contact training@genderrights.org.au or phone (02) 6162 1924.

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