AGA is actively engaged to protect, promote and advocate for the rights and legal recognition of intersex, trans and gender diverse people. AGA’s work helps reform laws at a territory and nationwide level, and contributes to policy development. We also actively lobby decision makers and forms strategic partnerships through which to enhance our advocacy platform.

If you have any questions about AGA’s policy and advocacy work, please contact AGA’s Executive Director Sel Cooper:

AGA has made submissions to a number of Commonwealth and ACT-based consultation processes and inquiries.

Submission to the Attorney-General’s Department: Religious Discrimination Bill 2019

Submission to the Expert Panel on Religious Freedom – AIDS Action Council and AGA

2019 Submission to Equality Australia – LGBTIQ+ Legal Audit

LGBTIQ Strategy Submission 2019

2018 AHRC Inquiry – People Born with Variations in Sex Characteristics and Medical Interventions

2018: Women’s March Speech – Cody Smith: Intersex & Intersectionality

2016 8th-HACS-08-Inquiry-Into-Youth-Suicide-And-Self-Harm

media statement – Re Kelvin(2) (1)

2017 actcoss-journal-issue-82

SSUB 2012 ACT Budget Submission

SUB 2005 ACT Gender Identity Submission

SUB 2008 HREOC Sex Files

SUB 2009 Suicide Inquiry

SUB 2010 AHRC Discrimination Consultation

SUB 2011 ACT Budget Submission

SUB 2011 ACT LRAC Beyond the Binary

SUB 2012 Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill

SUB 2013 forced sterilisation of intersex people

Best practice guidelines for medical specialists considering prescribing hormone therapy can be found in the Australian Standards of Care and Treatment Guidelines for Trans and Gender Diverse Children and Adolescents. Melbourne: The Royal Children’s Hospital; 2017).